ArmarX is developed and maintained at the High Performance Humanoid Technologies (H2T) Lab, Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Contact: Tamim Asfour, asfou.nosp@m.r@ki.nosp@m.t.edu

Technical Support: Nikolaus Vahrenkamp, vahre.nosp@m.nkam.nosp@m.p@kit.nosp@m..edu


ArmarX is the result of the collaboration of many people:

Nikolaus Vahrenkamp (Concept, Simulation, ArmarXGui, MemoryX, RobotAPI, Armar3, Armar4)
Mirko Wächter (Concept, ArmarXCore, ArmarXGui, RobotAPI, MemoryX, RobotSkills, Statecharts, Armar3, Armar4)
Manfred Kröhnert (Concept, Setup, Installation, Deployment, MemoryX, RobotSkills, Armar3)
Kai Welke (Concept, ArmarXCore, VisionX, MemoryX)
David Schiebener (VisionX, RobotSkills, Armar3)
Martin Do (RobotSkills, ArmarXGui, YouBot)
Peter Kaiser (ArmarXRT, RobotSkills, Armar4)
Stefan Ulbrich (RobotAPI)
Christian Mandery (Statecharts, Documentation)
Simon Ottenhaus (Statecharts, Armar3)
David Gonzalez (VisionX)
Markus Grotz (VisionX, Documentation, Installation)
Lukas Kaul (Documentation)
Markus Przybylski (RobotSkills)

Alexey Kozlov (MemoryX)
David Ruscheweyh (ArmarXGui)
Nils Adernmann (ArmarXCore)
Patrick Niklaus (Simulation)
Valerij Wittenbeck (RobotAPI, RobotSkills)
Jan Issac (ArmarXCore, ArmarXGui , VisionX)
Thomas von der Heyde (VisionX, RobotAPI)
Raphael Grimm (Gui, MemoryX, Tutorials)

We would also like to thank all students of the H2T lab who contributed to ArmarX.