This widget allows viewing and editing data entries in the prior memory.

You can inspect the different collections that are stored as prior knowledge by selecting a collection from the collection drop-down-menu. All object classes that are stored within a collection are listed in the table in the center of the screen. You may view the visual or collision model for an object class by hitting the respective buttons. Similarly, you can also add, remove and edit entries.

When you add the widget to the Gui, you need to specify the following parameters:

Parameter Name Example Value Required? Description
MongoDB host localhost:27017 Yes The address of the mongo database that contains the prior memory.
MongoDB user username Only if DB is remote ?
Password userPassword Only if DB is remote ?
Gui Plugin Name PriorMemoryEditorPlugin Yes ?
PriorMemory Name PriorKnowledge Yes ?
In order to use this Gui there must be prior knowledge within a MongoDB available. PriorMemoryEditor API Documentation PriorEditorController

How to use:

  • Gui->addWidget->PriorMemoryEditorPlugin
  • Different collection Lists (all collections need pr_ prefix so the gui can distinguish between different types)
  • All classes/objects are shown in list -> double click shows the 3D model in Viewer
  • Edit -> parent classes (Food, used for queries like common places for Food), -> model files via XML or separate IV files -> in /data/
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