Dbi< K, D, C, H > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Dbi< K, D, C, H >, including all inherited members.

clear(const ReadWriteTxn &)DbiBase
Dbi(const Txn &txn, const std::string &name, const C &ctx, unsigned int flags=0, MDB_cmp_func *cmp=0)Dbi< K, D, C, H >inline
Dbi()Dbi< K, D, C, H >inline
DbiBase(const Txn &, const std::string &, unsigned int, MDB_cmp_func *)DbiBaseprotected
del(const ReadWriteTxn &txn, const K &key, const D &data)Dbi< K, D, C, H >inline
del(const ReadWriteTxn &txn, const K &key)Dbi< K, D, C, H >inline
IceDB::DbiBase::del(const ReadWriteTxn &, MDB_val *, MDB_val *)DbiBaseprotected
find(const Txn &txn, const K &key) constDbi< K, D, C, H >inline
IceDB::DbiBase::find(const Txn &, MDB_val *) constDbiBaseprotected
get(const Txn &txn, const K &key, D &data) constDbi< K, D, C, H >inline
IceDB::DbiBase::get(const Txn &, MDB_val *, MDB_val *) constDbiBaseprotected
marshalingContext() constDbi< K, D, C, H >inline
mdbi() constDbiBase
put(const ReadWriteTxn &txn, const K &key, const D &data, unsigned int flags=0)Dbi< K, D, C, H >inline
IceDB::DbiBase::put(const ReadWriteTxn &, MDB_val *, MDB_val *, unsigned int)DbiBaseprotected