SkillImplementationWrapper Class Reference

#include <RobotAPI/libraries/skills/provider/detail/SkillImplementationWrapper.h>

Public Member Functions

TerminatedSkillStatusUpdate setupAndExecuteSkill (const std::string &executorName, const skills::SkillParameterization)
 SkillImplementationWrapper (std::unique_ptr< skills::Skill > &&skill)

Data Fields

std::shared_mutex executingMutex
const std::unique_ptr< Skillskill
std::shared_mutex skillStatusMutex
SkillStatusUpdate statusUpdate

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SkillImplementationWrapper()

SkillImplementationWrapper ( std::unique_ptr< skills::Skill > &&  skill)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ setupAndExecuteSkill()

TerminatedSkillStatusUpdate setupAndExecuteSkill ( const std::string &  executorName,
const skills::SkillParameterization  parameterization 

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Field Documentation

◆ executingMutex

std::shared_mutex executingMutex

Definition at line 30 of file SkillImplementationWrapper.h.

◆ skill

const std::unique_ptr<Skill> skill

Definition at line 21 of file SkillImplementationWrapper.h.

◆ skillStatusMutex

std::shared_mutex skillStatusMutex

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◆ statusUpdate

SkillStatusUpdate statusUpdate

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