How to Create an ArmarX Package in a Git Repository

The easiest way to create an ArmarX package in a Git repository is like this:

  1. Create the Git repository (e.g. by creating a project on a platform such as GitLab). If you are a student at H2T, your supervisor will probably set this up for you. Let's call the project "awesome_robotics".
  2. Clone the (potentially empty) repository to a location of your choice, e.g. inside your ArmarX workspace:

    # Clone the git repository.
    git clone url/to/awesome_robotics.git

    Assume this clones the project to the directory awesome_robotics.

  3. Go into the directory and (either on the top-level or in a subdirectory) create the package using the package tool:

    # Go into the cloned Git repository.
    cd awesome_robotics
    # Create the ArmarX package.
    armarx-package init awesome_robotics

    Note that this creates another directory awesome_robotics containing the package files. That is, the file system structure now looks like this:

    awesome_robotics/ # The Git repository.
    awesome_robotics/ # The ArmarX package.
  4. If you want the repository to directly contain the package files (i.e. and CMakeLists.txt in the top-level directory of the repository), move all files and directories (including hidden ones starting with a .) from the created package to the repository, then remove the directory:
    # In the Git repository:
    mv awesome_robotics/* awesome_robotics/.* .
    rmdir awesome_robotics

You may get these errors:

mv: cannot move 'awesome_robotics/.' to './.': Device or resource busy
mv: cannot move 'awesome_robotics/..' to './..': Device or resource busy

That is ok. This is just a side effect of . and .. being part of .*.

Now the repository should look like this:

awesome_robotics/ # The Git repository AND the ArmarX package.
  1. Commit the files to Git:
    git add .
    git commit -m "Create ArmarX package awesome_robotics"
  2. Push the changes:
    git push
  3. (Optional) Create an Axii module for your package in a suitable Axii module database. (For students at H²T, this is here.) You can start with this module definition file and add your module's requirements and other options as appropriate (start by replacing the TODO: ... parts):
    "general": {
    "url": "TODO:",
    "authors": "TODO: First Last <>"
    "update": {
    "git": {
    "h2t_gitlab_slug": "TODO: the/path/to/your/gitlab/project/after/"
    "prepare": {
    "cmake": {
    "definitions": {
    "build": "cmake",
    "required_modules": {
    "armarx/meta/compiler": {},
    "armarx/ArmarXCore": {}