How to Record Multiple Image Streams Simultaneously
  • The component ImageRecordingManager and the associated GUI plugin ImageRecorder allow distributed, synchronous recording of multiple image providers.
  • Each provider writes its own data (locally) - the ImageRecordingManager only orchestrates (i.e. configures, starts, stops) the recordings.


  1. Start component ImageRecordingManager (for a quick recording, you can use the scenario ImageRecordingScenario from VisionX)
  2. Open GUI plugin ImageRecorder (connects to the ImageRecordingManager)
  3. Define the recording path (where to store data) as an ArmarX data path in the GUI (e.g., ArmarXCore + recordings maps to .../ArmarXCore/data/ArmarXCore/recordings/)
  4. Start the image providers
  5. Configure the image providers (e.g. storage format)
  1. Start the recording
  2. ...
  3. Stop the recording

Storing the Configuration

If you want to save the configuration for your specific application:

  • Create your own scenario, add an ImageRecordingManager
  • Do the steps above to configure the image providers
  • Copy the configuration JSON (string) from the GUI
  • Paste the configuration JSON (string) to the property config_json of the ImageRecordingManager

The recording configuration is now part of the scenario configuration and will be loaded by the ImageRecordingManager on start up.

Viewing the Recordings

A method for viewing the recordings in the ArmarX Gui is described ../view-images-using-playback-image-provider/ "here".