The ArmarX Python bindings are available as packages. Just grab the latest version from .

With poetry

poetry add armarx

or with pip

pip install armarx

Alternatatively, you can create a project template with the armarx-package tool, i.e. armarx-package add python <your project name>. Then you can use poetry install to setup a virtual env.

Since the zeroc-ice package requires a rebuild you can grab already precompiled packages from . Just add the repository to your pyproject.toml

poetry config repositories.h2t

If you are using poetry then add the the following lines to pyproject.toml

name = "h2t"
url = ""


The ArmarX Python bindings read the available ArmarX projects from the configuration $ARMARX_WORKSPACE/armarx_config/armarx.ini. The key ‘packages’ from the entry ‘AutoCompletion’ lists available packages that can be loaded by the Python bindings.