VisionX/libraries/RoboceptionUtility/CMakeLists.txt File Reference


 armarx_set_target ("Library: ${LIB_NAME}") find_package(RC_GENICAM_API QUIET) armarx_build_if($
RC_GENICAM_API not available find_package (IVT QUIET) set(LIBS RobotAPIInterfaces VisionXInterfaces ArmarXCore VisionXTools VisionXCore ivt ivtvideocapture ivtopencv) set(LIB_FILES RoboceptionUser.cpp roboception_constants.cpp) set(LIB_HEADERS RoboceptionUser.h roboception_constants.h) armarx_add_library("$
 set (LIB_NAME RoboceptionUtility) armarx_component_set_name("$

Function Documentation

◆ armarx_set_target()

armarx_set_target ( "Library: ${LIB_NAME}"  )

Definition at line 4 of file CMakeLists.txt.

◆ find_package()

RC_GENICAM_API not available find_package ( IVT  QUIET)

Definition at line 11 of file CMakeLists.txt.

◆ set()

set ( LIB_NAME  RoboceptionUtility)

Definition at line 1 of file CMakeLists.txt.