Package Structure

Directory Structure of an ArmarX Package

Each ArmarX Package contains the same set of directories:

  • build
    • bin
    • lib
    • config
    • doxygen
    • icegrid
    • source/${PackageName}
  • data
  • etc
    • cmake
    • config
    • doxygen
    • templates
    • scripts
    • ...
  • scenarios
  • source/${PackageName}
    • interface
    • applications
    • components
    • gui-plugins
    • statecharts
    • units
    • libraries


The following image describes the Ice infrastructure setup used for running instances of armarx::Application.

ArmarX Ice Setup
  • The Robot consists of several IceGrid-Node which form the IceGrid which in turn manages all running applications and services.
  • Typically there is one IceGrid-Node node running on one PC but they can also be run on the same host.
  • Each IceGrid-Node is responsible for running applications getting asigned to it by the IceGrid.
  • One IceGrid-Node runs the IceGrid registry which is responsible for locating proxies and services.
  • One IceGrid-Node runs the IceStorm Publish/Subscribe server.

The next image describes the relationships between IceGrid-Nodes, armarx::Application, armarx::Component and the corresponding Ice adapters and proxies.

ArmarX IceGrid-Node and Application Structure