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The QtAbstractEditorFactoryBase provides an interface for editor factories. More...

#include <ArmarXGui/libraries/qtpropertybrowser/src/qtpropertybrowser.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual QWidget * createEditor (QtProperty *property, QWidget *parent)=0

Protected Slots

virtual void managerDestroyed (QObject *manager)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void breakConnection (QtAbstractPropertyManager *manager)=0
 QtAbstractEditorFactoryBase (QObject *parent=0)


class QtAbstractPropertyBrowser

Detailed Description

The QtAbstractEditorFactoryBase provides an interface for editor factories.

An editor factory is a class that is able to create an editing widget of a specified type (e.g. line edits or comboboxes) for a given QtProperty object, and it is used in conjunction with the QtAbstractPropertyManager and QtAbstractPropertyBrowser classes.

When using a property browser widget, the properties are created and managed by implementations of the QtAbstractPropertyManager class. To ensure that the properties' values will be displayed using suitable editing widgets, the managers are associated with objects of QtAbstractEditorFactory subclasses. The property browser will use these associations to determine which factories it should use to create the preferred editing widgets.

Typically, an editor factory is created by subclassing the QtAbstractEditorFactory template class which inherits QtAbstractEditorFactoryBase. But note that several ready-made implementations are available:

\list \o QtCheckBoxFactory \o QtDateEditFactory \o QtDateTimeEditFactory \o QtDoubleSpinBoxFactory \o QtEnumEditorFactory \o QtLineEditFactory \o QtScrollBarFactory \o QtSliderFactory \o QtSpinBoxFactory \o QtTimeEditFactory \o QtVariantEditorFactory \endlist

See also
QtAbstractPropertyManager, QtAbstractPropertyBrowser

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QtAbstractEditorFactoryBase()

QtAbstractEditorFactoryBase ( QObject *  parent = 0)

Creates an abstract editor factory with the given parent.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ breakConnection()

void breakConnection ( QtAbstractPropertyManager manager)
protectedpure virtual
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◆ createEditor()

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◆ QtAbstractPropertyBrowser

friend class QtAbstractPropertyBrowser

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