BehindOfRelation Class Reference

#include <MemoryX/libraries/memorytypes/entity/SEC/SECRelation.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BehindOfRelation ()
 BehindOfRelation (const ObjectClassBasePtr &possibleObject1, const ObjectClassBasePtr &possibleObject2)
 BehindOfRelation (const ObjectClassList &possibleObjects1, const ObjectClassList &possibleObjects2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SECRelation
armarx::VariantDataClassPtr clone (const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) const override
void deserialize (const armarx::ObjectSerializerBasePtr &serializer, const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) override
std::string getName (const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) const override
Ice::Int getType (const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) const override
bool hasEqualObjects (const SECRelationBasePtr &other, const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) override
Ice::ObjectPtr ice_clone () const override
bool isEqual (const SECRelationBasePtr &other, bool ignoreName) const
bool isEqual (const SECRelationBasePtr &other, const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) const override
std::string objects1ToString () const
std::string objects2ToString () const
std::string output (const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) const override
 SECRelation ()
 SECRelation (const std::string &relationName, const ObjectClassBasePtr &possibleObject1, const ObjectClassBasePtr &possibleObject2)
 SECRelation (const std::string &relationName, const ObjectClassList &possibleObjects1, const ObjectClassList &possibleObjects2)
void serialize (const armarx::ObjectSerializerBasePtr &serializer, const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) const override
void setName (const std::string &name, const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) override
bool validate (const Ice::Current &c=Ice::emptyCurrent) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SECRelation
bool _isEqual (const SECRelationBasePtr &other, bool ignoreName=false, bool reversed=false) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file SECRelation.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Definition at line 183 of file SECRelation.cpp.

◆ BehindOfRelation() [2/3]

BehindOfRelation ( const ObjectClassList &  possibleObjects1,
const ObjectClassList &  possibleObjects2 

Definition at line 188 of file SECRelation.cpp.

◆ BehindOfRelation() [3/3]

BehindOfRelation ( const ObjectClassBasePtr &  possibleObject1,
const ObjectClassBasePtr &  possibleObject2 

Definition at line 194 of file SECRelation.cpp.

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