ImageBuffer Class Reference

Handler of image buffer for ImageProcessors. More...

#include <VisionX/core/ImageBuffer.h>

Public Member Functions

void allocate (const visionx::ImageProviderInfo &providerInfo)
void update (std::function< void(CByteImage **)> setImagesFn)
 ~ImageBuffer ()

Public Attributes

CByteImage ** images = nullptr
long imagesSeq = 0
 Update this each time you update images. More...
std::mutex mutex

Detailed Description

Handler of image buffer for ImageProcessors.

How to call allocate (in onConnectImageProcessor()):

visionx::ImageProviderInfo imageProviderInfo = getImageProvider(providerName);

How to call update (in process()):

int numReceived = 0;
imageBuffer.update([this, &numReceived](CByteImage** images)
numReceived = getImages(images);

Definition at line 39 of file ImageBuffer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ImageBuffer()

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Member Function Documentation

◆ allocate()

void allocate ( const visionx::ImageProviderInfo providerInfo)

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◆ update()

void update ( std::function< void(CByteImage **)>  setImagesFn)

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Member Data Documentation

◆ images

CByteImage** images = nullptr

Definition at line 52 of file ImageBuffer.h.

◆ imagesSeq

long imagesSeq = 0

Update this each time you update images.

Definition at line 54 of file ImageBuffer.h.

◆ mutex

std::mutex mutex

Definition at line 50 of file ImageBuffer.h.

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CByteImage ** images
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