TopicContent Struct Reference

The contents of topic. More...

defined in <ArmarXCore/applications/ArmarXStorm/IceStorm/>

struct TopicContent { ... }

Data Members

Ice::Identity id
 The topic identity. More...
::Ice::Identity id
IceStorm::SubscriberRecordSeq records
 The topic subscribers. More...
::IceStorm::SubscriberRecordSeq records

Detailed Description

The contents of topic.

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Data Member Documentation

◆ id [1/2]

Ice::Identity id

The topic identity.

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◆ id [2/2]

::Ice::Identity id

Definition at line 815 of file Election.h.

◆ records [1/2]

The topic subscribers.

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◆ records [2/2]

Definition at line 816 of file Election.h.

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