Install ArmarX

Objective: Learn how to use Axii to set up an ArmarX workspace and install ArmarX.

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Install ArmarX via Axii

ArmarX is installed via Axii, the ArmarX Integrated Installer. Follow these instructions on the linked page:

  • Installation (installs Axii itself)
  • Getting Started (creates an ArmarX workspace and installs the default setup of ArmarX)

You should now have an ArmarX workspace (the default is ~/code/), which should look roughly like this:

code/ # Your ArmarX workspace.
armarx-workspace.json # Your workspace configuration file.
amrarx-workspace.rc # Your workspace environment file (generated).
armarx/ # Directory containing ArmarX framework packages.
ArmarXCore/ # The ArmarX core package.
ArmarXGui/ # Another ArmarX package.
... # More ArmarX packages.
simox/ # A standalone library for robot models, grasp planning and more.
... # More projects or directories.

Recommended Modules for H²T Students and Staff

If you are a member of H²T (student or staff), adding these Axii modules is recommended:

  • h2t/PriorKnowledgeData: An ArmarX package mainly containing data. It has many models of objects, scenes, and more.
  • armarx_integration/robots/armar6: Model, simulation, skills and more related to ARMAR-6.

Please note that the module h2t/PriorKnowledgeData is necessary to run the following tutorials.

You can add a module by running

axii workspace add module-name

for each module to add.

Afterwards, run an upgrade:

axii workspace upgrade

After upgrading your workspace use

cd $ARMARX_WORKSPACE/h2t/PriorKnowledgeData

to enter the newly added module "PriorKnowledgeData". Then use

git lfs install
git lfs pull

You can check whether your changes where applied by using

head --lines=10 $ARMARX_WORKSPACE/h2t/PriorKnowledgeData/data/PriorKnowledgeData/objects/KIT/Amicelli/Amicelli.obj

You should see something along the lines of

# Generated by VDTM
mtllib Amicelli_800_tex.mtl
v -0.0131342 0.103075 -0.039049
v -0.0135882 0.0797878 -0.0387115
v -0.0114523 0.053432 -0.0389497
v -0.0130556 0.048962 -0.0383268
v -0.0121418 -0.00176969 -0.0381335
v -0.0187908 -0.0168107 -0.0298009
v -0.0113257 -0.0338498 -0.0378622
v -0.0103262 0.00942986 -0.0387738

When finished, the new modules should be located in your workspace as defined by their name, e.g. at ~/code/h2t/PriorKnowledgeData.

Next Up

When the installation is finished, continue with exploring ArmarX, part one.