ArmarXCore/applications/ArmarXStorm/CMakeLists.txt File Reference


 find_package (Ice REQUIRED) set(COMPONENT_LIBS ArmarXCoreInterfaces ArmarXCore "/usr/lib/$


IceStorm Admin cpp
linux gnu libIceDB so

Function Documentation

◆ find_package()

find_package ( Ice  REQUIRED)

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Variable Documentation

◆ cpp

IceStorm Admin cpp
Initial value:
target_include_directories(ArmarXStormAdmin PRIVATE "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}")
target_include_directories(ArmarXStormAdmin PRIVATE "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/IceStorm/generated")
target_include_directories(ArmarXStormAdmin PRIVATE "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/other_files")
armarx_add_executable(ArmarXStormDB "${COMMON_SOURCES}

Definition at line 87 of file CMakeLists.txt.

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