MinimapWidget.h File Reference
#include <QWidget>
#include <Inventor/Qt/viewers/SoQtExaminerViewer.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoOrthographicCamera.h>
#include "../controller/Controller.h"
#include "../scene3D/MinimapViewer.h"
#include "../scene3D/SoGLHighlightRenderAction.h"
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class  MinimapWidget
 This class is a widget which provides a scene3D::MinimapViewer to render the scene graph in bird perspective. More...




using MinimapViewerPtr = std::shared_ptr< scene3D::MinimapViewer >

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◆ MinimapViewerPtr

using MinimapViewerPtr = std::shared_ptr<scene3D::MinimapViewer>

Definition at line 34 of file MinimapWidget.h.