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3 #include "basic.h"
4 #include <MiscLib/RefCount.h>
5 #include "PointCloud.h"
6 #include <GfxTL/VectorXD.h>
7 #include <utility>
8 #include <string>
9 #include <MiscLib/Vector.h>
10 #include <deque>
11 #include <iostream>
12 #include "LevMarFunc.h"
13 #include <stdio.h>
14 #include <MiscLib/NoShrinkVector.h>
15 #include <MiscLib/RefCountPtr.h>
17 #ifndef DLL_LINKAGE
18 #define DLL_LINKAGE
19 #endif
23 /** PrimtiveShape is a shape primitive in conjunction with a parametrization.
24  The parametrization is used for connected component computations.
25  There are some deprecated serialization functions that do
26  not always store the parametrization (at least for some shape types). These
27  functions should no longer be used anywhere!
28  Note: Computing connected components may change the parametrization! (Some
29  shapes align the parametrization so that the memory for the bitmap is
30  reduced)
31 */
33  : public MiscLib::RefCount
34 {
35 public:
36  // returns a unique identifier of the shape type
37  virtual size_t Identifier() const = 0;
38  // returns the number of point samples required to uniquely determine a shape
39  virtual unsigned int RequiredSamples() const = 0;
40  virtual PrimitiveShape* Clone() const = 0;
41  virtual float Distance(const Vec3f& p) const = 0;
42  virtual float SignedDistance(const Vec3f& p) const = 0;
43  virtual float NormalDeviation(const Vec3f& p,
44  const Vec3f& n) const = 0;
45  // computes the distance to the shape and the deviation of the normal
46  // to the normal at the nearest point on the shape
47  virtual void DistanceAndNormalDeviation(
48  const Vec3f& p, const Vec3f& n,
49  std::pair< float, float >* dn) const = 0;
50  // projects a point p onto the nearest point on the shape
51  virtual void Project(const Vec3f& p, Vec3f* pp) const = 0;
52  // gets the normal of the shape at the projection of p
53  virtual void Normal(const Vec3f& p, Vec3f* n) const = 0;
54  // finds the largest connected component in the points indexed by indices
55  // Upon return the indices of the points that belong to the largest component
56  // have been moved to the front of indices and their number is returned.
57  // The remaining indices are stored at the end of the indices array
58  virtual size_t ConnectedComponent(const PointCloud& pc, float epsilon,
59  MiscLib::Vector< size_t >* indices, bool doFiltering = true, float* borderRatio = 0) = 0;
60  virtual unsigned int ConfidenceTests(unsigned int numTests,
61  float epsilon, float normalThresh, float rms, const PointCloud& pc,
62  const MiscLib::Vector< size_t >& indices) const = 0;
63  // returns descriptive string
64  virtual void Description(std::string* s) const = 0;
65  // refitting
66  virtual bool Fit(const PointCloud& pc, float epsilon,
67  float normalThresh,
70  virtual PrimitiveShape* LSFit(const PointCloud& pc, float epsilon,
71  float normalThresh, MiscLib::Vector< size_t >::const_iterator begin,
73  std::pair< size_t, float >* score) const = 0;
74  virtual LevMarFunc< float >* SignedDistanceFunc() const = 0;
77  virtual void TrimmingPolygons(const PointCloud& pc, float epsilon,
78  size_t begin, size_t end,
79  std::deque< ComponentPolygons >* polys) const = 0;
80  // generates points on the shape from the primitive's bitmap i.e. where the bitmap is set
81  virtual void GenerateBitmapPoints(const PointCloud& pc, float epsilon,
82  size_t begin, size_t end, PointCloud* bmpPc) const = 0;
83  /** This is the one and only serialization function
84  It stores all the parameters of the shape as well as the parametrization.
85  The first byte written (in both, binary and ascii mode) is the shape identifier */
86  virtual void Serialize(std::ostream* o, bool binary = true) const = 0;
87  virtual size_t SerializedSize() const = 0;
88  // Serialize parameters to float array
89  virtual void Serialize(float* array) const = 0;
90  virtual size_t SerializedFloatSize() const = 0;
91  virtual void Transform(float scale, const Vec3f& translate) = 0;
92  virtual void Visit(PrimitiveShapeVisitor* visitor) const = 0;
93  virtual void SuggestSimplifications(const PointCloud& pc,
95  MiscLib::Vector< size_t >::const_iterator end, float distThresh,
97  virtual void OptimizeParametrization(const PointCloud& pc,
98  size_t begin, size_t end, float epsilon) {}
99  // gets the 2D parametrization coordinates of a point p in 3-space (it is projected first)
100  virtual void Parameters(const Vec3f& p,
101  std::pair< float, float >* param) const = 0;
102  // computes the point and normal in 3-space from coordinates in the parametrization
103  virtual bool InSpace(float u, float v, Vec3f* p, Vec3f* n) const = 0;
104 };
106 #endif
LevMarFunc< float >
Definition: basic.h:16
MiscLib::Vector< BitmapPolygon > ComponentPolygons
Definition: PrimitiveShape.h:76
PrimtiveShape is a shape primitive in conjunction with a parametrization.
Definition: PrimitiveShape.h:32
MiscLib::Vector< size_t >
virtual void SuggestSimplifications(const PointCloud &pc, MiscLib::Vector< size_t >::const_iterator begin, MiscLib::Vector< size_t >::const_iterator end, float distThresh, MiscLib::Vector< MiscLib::RefCountPtr< PrimitiveShape > > *suggestions) const
Definition: PrimitiveShape.h:93
MiscLib::Vector< GfxTL::VectorXD< 2, size_t > > BitmapPolygon
Definition: PrimitiveShape.h:75
pcl::PointIndices::Ptr indices(const PCG &g)
Retrieve the indices of the points of the point cloud stored in a point cloud graph that actually bel...
Definition: point_cloud_graph.h:737
Definition: PrimitiveShapeVisitor.h:14
virtual void OptimizeParametrization(const PointCloud &pc, size_t begin, size_t end, float epsilon)
Definition: PrimitiveShape.h:97
MiscLib::RefCountPtr< PrimitiveShape >
Definition: PointCloud.h:69
double v(double t, double v0, double a0, double j)
Definition: CtrlUtil.h:39
Definition: RefCount.h:9
Definition: basic.h:11
Introduction Thank you for taking interest in our work and downloading this software This library implements the algorithm described in the paper R R R Klein Efficient RANSAC for Point Cloud Shape in Computer Graphics Blackwell June If you use this software you should cite the aforementioned paper in any resulting publication Please send comments or bug reports to Ruwen Roland BUT NOT LIMITED THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY OR CONSEQUENTIAL WHETHER IN STRICT OR EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE Example usage This section shows how to use the library to detect the shapes in a point cloud PointCloud pc
Definition: ReadMe.txt:68
double s(double t, double s0, double v0, double a0, double j)
Definition: CtrlUtil.h:33