common.h File Reference
#include <boost/ref.hpp>
#include <pcl/PointIndices.h>
#include "common.hpp"
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template<typename Graph >
void computeNormalsAndCurvatures (Graph &graph, bool neighborhood_1ring=false)
 Compute normals and curvatures for all vertices in a graph. More...
template<typename Graph >
void computeSignedCurvatures (Graph &graph)
 Compute the type of curvature (concave/convex) for each vertex. More...
template<typename Graph , typename ColorMap >
size_t createSubgraphsFromColorMap (Graph &graph, ColorMap color_map, std::vector< boost::reference_wrapper< Graph > > &subgraphs)
 Split a given graph into subgraphs based on the values in a given vertex color map. More...
template<typename Graph >
size_t createSubgraphsFromConnectedComponents (Graph &graph, std::vector< boost::reference_wrapper< Graph > > &subgraphs)
 Find connected components in a graph and create a subgraph for each of them. More...
template<typename Graph >
void createSubgraphsFromIndices (Graph &graph, const pcl::PointIndices &indices, std::vector< boost::reference_wrapper< Graph > > &subgraphs)
 Create two subgraphs of a given graph, one containing the points with the given indices, and the other containing the remaining points. More...
template<typename Graph >
void createSubgraphsFromIndices (Graph &graph, const std::vector< pcl::PointIndices > &indices, std::vector< boost::reference_wrapper< Graph > > &subgraphs)
 Create subgraphs of a given graph containing vertices from a given indices vector. More...
template<typename Graph >
void smoothen (Graph &graph, float spatial_sigma, float influence_sigma)
 Apply bilateral filtering to a given point cloud graph. More...