CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy< DimT, InheritedStrategyT >::StrategyBase< BaseT > Class Template Reference

#include <VisionX/components/pointcloud_processor/EfficientRANSACPrimitiveExtractor/EfficientRANSAC/GfxTL/CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy< DimT, InheritedStrategyT >::StrategyBase< BaseT >:


class  CellCenterTraversalInformation

Public Types

typedef InheritedStrategyT::template StrategyBase< BaseT > BaseType
typedef BaseType::CellType CellType
typedef GfxTL::ScalarTypeDeferer< value_type >::ScalarType ScalarType

Protected Types

typedef GfxTL::VectorXD< DimT, ScalarTypeCellCenterType

Protected Member Functions

template<class TraversalInformationT >
void CellCenter (const CellType &cell, const TraversalInformationT &, CellCenterType *center) const
template<class BuildInformationT >
void InitCell (const CellType &parent, const BuildInformationT &pbi, unsigned int child, const BuildInformationT &bi, CellType *cell)
template<class BuildInformationT >
void InitRoot (const BuildInformationT &bi, CellType *root)

Detailed Description

template<unsigned int DimT, class InheritedStrategyT>
template<class BaseT>
class GfxTL::CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy< DimT, InheritedStrategyT >::StrategyBase< BaseT >

Definition at line 32 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ BaseType

typedef InheritedStrategyT::template StrategyBase< BaseT > BaseType

Definition at line 37 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

◆ CellCenterType

typedef GfxTL::VectorXD< DimT, ScalarType > CellCenterType

Definition at line 43 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

◆ CellType

typedef BaseType::CellType CellType

Definition at line 38 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

◆ ScalarType

Member Function Documentation

◆ CellCenter()

void CellCenter ( const CellType cell,
const TraversalInformationT &  ,
CellCenterType center 
) const

Definition at line 67 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

◆ InitCell()

void InitCell ( const CellType parent,
const BuildInformationT &  pbi,
unsigned int  child,
const BuildInformationT &  bi,
CellType cell 

Definition at line 58 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

◆ InitRoot()

void InitRoot ( const BuildInformationT &  bi,
CellType root 

Definition at line 51 of file CellCenterAACubeTreeStrategy.h.

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