OpenPoseAdapter Class Reference

#include <VisionX/libraries/OpenPose/MonocularOpenPoseEstimation/OpenPoseAdapter.h>


struct  OpenPoseSettings

Public Member Functions

HumanPose2DMap convert2DKeypointsToIce (const op::Array< float > &op_keypoints, const CByteImage *rgbImage) const
armarx::DrawColor24Bit getDominantColorOfPatch (const CByteImage &image, const Vec2d &point, int windowSize) const
op::Array< floatgetOpenposeKeypoints (const CByteImage *imageBuffer)
std::vector< unsigned int > getPoseBodyPartPairsRender () const
std::vector< floatgetPoseColors () const
 OpenPoseAdapter (const OpenPoseSettings &)
void render2DResultImage (const CByteImage &inputImage, const op::Array< float > &keypoints, CByteImage &resultImage, float renderThreshold)

Static Public Member Functions

static cv::Mat ConvertToOPCustomType (const cv::Mat &x)
static std::string ConvertToOPCustomType (const std::string &x)

Public Attributes

std::shared_ptr< op::CvMatToOpInput > cvMatToOpInput
std::shared_ptr< op::CvMatToOpOutput > cvMatToOpOutput
std::mutex op_running_mutex
std::shared_ptr< op::OpOutputToCvMat > opOutputToCvMat
std::shared_ptr< op::PoseExtractorCaffe > poseExtractorCaffe
op::PoseModel poseModel
std::shared_ptr< op::ScaleAndSizeExtractor > scaleAndSizeExtractor
OpenPoseSettings settings

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpenPoseAdapter()

OpenPoseAdapter ( const OpenPoseSettings settings)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ convert2DKeypointsToIce()

HumanPose2DMap convert2DKeypointsToIce ( const op::Array< float > &  op_keypoints,
const CByteImage *  rgbImage 
) const

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◆ ConvertToOPCustomType() [1/2]

static cv::Mat ConvertToOPCustomType ( const cv::Mat &  x)

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◆ ConvertToOPCustomType() [2/2]

static std::string ConvertToOPCustomType ( const std::string &  x)

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◆ getDominantColorOfPatch()

armarx::DrawColor24Bit getDominantColorOfPatch ( const CByteImage &  image,
const Vec2d &  point,
int  windowSize 
) const

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◆ getOpenposeKeypoints()

op::Array< float > getOpenposeKeypoints ( const CByteImage *  imageBuffer)

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◆ getPoseBodyPartPairsRender()

std::vector<unsigned int> getPoseBodyPartPairsRender ( ) const

◆ getPoseColors()

std::vector<float> getPoseColors ( ) const

◆ render2DResultImage()

void render2DResultImage ( const CByteImage &  inputImage,
const op::Array< float > &  keypoints,
CByteImage &  resultImage,
float  renderThreshold 

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Member Data Documentation

◆ cvMatToOpInput

std::shared_ptr<op::CvMatToOpInput> cvMatToOpInput

Definition at line 127 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ cvMatToOpOutput

std::shared_ptr<op::CvMatToOpOutput> cvMatToOpOutput

Definition at line 128 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ op_running_mutex

std::mutex op_running_mutex

Definition at line 125 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ opOutputToCvMat

std::shared_ptr<op::OpOutputToCvMat> opOutputToCvMat

Definition at line 130 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ poseExtractorCaffe

std::shared_ptr<op::PoseExtractorCaffe> poseExtractorCaffe

Definition at line 129 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ poseModel

op::PoseModel poseModel

Definition at line 131 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ scaleAndSizeExtractor

std::shared_ptr<op::ScaleAndSizeExtractor> scaleAndSizeExtractor

Definition at line 126 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

◆ settings

OpenPoseSettings settings

Definition at line 122 of file OpenPoseAdapter.h.

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