DynamicRemoteStateClass Class Reference

#include <ArmarXGui/gui-plugins/StatechartViewerPlugin/model/DynamicRemoteStateClass.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DynamicRemoteStateClass (QString uuid="")
eStateType getType () const override
 ~DynamicRemoteStateClass () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from State
void addReferences (const QMap< QString, armarx::statechartmodel::StatePtr > &uuidStateMap)
 Annotates the State object created by parseXml() before with references to other states. More...
void connectToSubclasses ()
TransitionPtr findTransition (const QString &eventName, const QString &transitionSourceName, const QString &transitionDestinationName) const
TransitionPtr findTransition (TransitionCPtr t) const
const StateInstancePtrgetActiveSubstate () const
EventList getAllEvents () const
const QString & getDescription () const
bool getDirty () const
const StateParameterMap getInputAndLocalParameters () const
const StateParameterMapgetInputParameters () const
const StateParameterMapgetLocalParameters () const
const EventListgetOutgoingEvents () const
const StateParameterMapgetOutputParameters () const
const QList< QString > getProxies () const
QSizeF getSize () const
StateInstancePtr getStartState () const
ParameterMappingList getStartStateInputMapping () const
TransitionCPtr getStartTransition () const
QString getStateName () const
const StateInstanceMapgetSubstates () const
CTransitionList getTransitions (bool withStartTransition=false) const
QString getUUID () const
bool hasDescendant (statechartmodel::StatePtr state) const
bool isEditable () const
 State (const QString &uuid="")
 ~State () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Logging
SpamFilterDataPtr deactivateSpam (float deactivationDurationSec=10.0f, const std::string &identifier="", bool deactivate=true) const
 disables the logging for the current line for the given amount of seconds. More...
MessageTypeT getEffectiveLoggingLevel () const
 Logging ()
void setLocalMinimumLoggingLevel (MessageTypeT level)
 With setLocalMinimumLoggingLevel the minimum verbosity-level of log-messages can be set. More...
void setTag (const LogTag &tag)
void setTag (const std::string &tagName)
virtual ~Logging ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from State
void addDetachedTransition (const QString &eventName, StateInstancePtr sourceState)
StateInstancePtr addDynamicRemoteSubstate (StatePtr state, QString instanceName, const QPointF &pos)
StateInstancePtr addEndSubstate (const QString &endstateName, const QString &eventName, const QPointF &pos=QPointF())
StateInstancePtr addRemoteSubstate (StatePtr newRemoteSubstate, const QString &remoteStateOffererName, QString instanceName="", const QPointF &pos=QPointF())
StateInstancePtr addSubstate (StateInstancePtr stateInstance)
StateInstancePtr addSubstate (StatePtr newSubstate, QString instanceName="", const QPointF &pos=QPointF())
void addSupportPoint (TransitionCPtr transition, QPointF supportPoint)
void addTransition (TransitionPtr newTransition)
void bendTransition (TransitionCPtr transition, int u, int v)
void clearActiveSubstates ()
void detachTransitionDestination (TransitionCPtr transition)
void detachTransitionDestination (TransitionCPtr transition, QPointF floatingEndPoint)
bool removeSubstate (QString stateInstanceName)
bool removeSubstate (StateInstancePtr substate)
bool removeTransition (TransitionPtr transition)
bool renameSubstate (QString oldName, QString newName)
StateInstancePtr replaceSubstate (QString stateInstanceName, StateInstancePtr newInstance)
void replaceSubstates (StateInstanceMap newSubstateList)
void replaceTransitions (TransitionList newTransitionList)
void setActiveSubstate (StateInstancePtr newActiveState)
void setDescription (const QString &newDescription)
void setEditable (bool editable)
void setInputParameters (const StateParameterMap &newInputParameters)
void setLocalParameters (const StateParameterMap &newLocalParameters)
void setOutgoingEvents (const EventList &outgoingEvents)
void setOutputParameters (const StateParameterMap &newOutputParameters)
void setSize (const QSizeF &newSize)
void setStartState (StateInstancePtr newStartState)
void setStartStateInputMapping (const ParameterMappingList &newStartStateInputMapping)
void setStateName (const QString &newName)
void setSubstateAreaSize (const QSizeF &newSize)
void setTransitionActivated (TransitionCPtr transition)
void setTransitionMapping (TransitionCPtr transition, const ParameterMappingList &mappingToNextStateInput, const ParameterMappingList &mappingToParentLocal, const ParameterMappingList &mappingToParentOutput)
void setTransitionSupportPoints (statechartmodel::TransitionCPtr transition, const SupportPoints &points, const QPointPtr &labelCenterPosition=QPointPtr(), const FloatPtr &labelFontPointSize=FloatPtr())
void setTransitionUserCodeEnabled (TransitionCPtr transition, bool enabled=true)
void updateTransition (const QString &eventName, statechartmodel::StatePtr stateClass, statechartmodel::SignalType signalType)
void updateTransitionDestination (TransitionCPtr transition, StateInstancePtr newDest, QPointList newSupportPoints=QPointList())
- Signals inherited from State
void dirtyStatusChanged (bool newStatus)
void outgoingTransitionChanged (const QString &eventName, statechartmodel::StatePtr stateClass, statechartmodel::SignalType signalType)
void resized ()
void stateChanged (statechartmodel::SignalType signalType)
void stateDeleted ()
 stateDeleted Signals that the destructor of this state was called. More...
void substateChanged (statechartmodel::StateInstancePtr substate, statechartmodel::SignalType signalType)
void transitionChanged (statechartmodel::TransitionCPtr transition, statechartmodel::SignalType signalType)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from State
static QString StateTypeToString (eStateType type)
- Public Attributes inherited from State
const QRectF margin
- Protected Member Functions inherited from State
bool checkSubstate (StatePtr newState) const
bool checkTransition (TransitionPtr transition) const
QList< StateInstancePtrgetInstances (statechartmodel::StatePtr stateClass) const
TransitionPtr getStartTransition ()
TransitionPtr getTransition (const QString &eventName, StateInstancePtr sourceInstance) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Logging
bool checkLogLevel (MessageTypeT level) const
const LogSenderPtrgetLogSender () const
 Retrieve log sender. More...
LogSenderPtr loghelper (const char *file, int line, const char *function) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from State
StateInstancePtr activeSubstate
QString cppClassName
QString description
bool dirty
bool editable
StateParameterMap inputParameters
StateParameterMap localParameters
EventList outgoingTransitions
StateParameterMap outputParameters
QList< QString > proxies
QSizeF size
QString stateName
StateInstanceMap substates
TransitionList transitions
QString UUID
- Protected Attributes inherited from Logging
MessageTypeT minimumLoggingLevel
SpamFilterDataPtr spamFilter
LogTag tag

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DynamicRemoteStateClass()

DynamicRemoteStateClass ( QString  uuid = "")

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◆ ~DynamicRemoteStateClass()

~DynamicRemoteStateClass ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ getType()

eStateType getType ( ) const

Reimplemented from State.

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