NJointCCDMPControllerInterface Interface Reference

defined in <armarx/control/deprecated_njoint_mp_controller/task_space/ControllerInterface.ice>

interface NJointCCDMPControllerInterface extends NJointControllerInterface { ... }

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bool isFinished ()
void learnDMPFromFiles (int dmpId, Ice::StringSeq trajfiles)
void runDMP ()
void setControllerTarget (float avoidJointLimitsKp, NJointTaskSpaceDMPControllerMode::CartesianSelection mode)
void setGoals (int dmpId, Ice::DoubleSeq goals)
void setNullspaceJointVelocities (StringFloatDictionary nullspaceJointVelocities)
void setTemporalFactor (int dmpId, double tau)
void setTorqueKp (StringFloatDictionary torqueKp)
void setViaPoints (int dmpId, double canVal, Ice::DoubleSeq point)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file ControllerInterface.ice.

Operation Documentation

◆ isFinished()

bool isFinished ( )

◆ learnDMPFromFiles()

void learnDMPFromFiles ( int  dmpId,
Ice::StringSeq  trajfiles 

◆ runDMP()

void runDMP ( )

◆ setControllerTarget()

void setControllerTarget ( float  avoidJointLimitsKp,
NJointTaskSpaceDMPControllerMode::CartesianSelection  mode 

◆ setGoals()

void setGoals ( int  dmpId,
Ice::DoubleSeq  goals 

◆ setNullspaceJointVelocities()

void setNullspaceJointVelocities ( StringFloatDictionary  nullspaceJointVelocities)

◆ setTemporalFactor()

void setTemporalFactor ( int  dmpId,
double  tau 

◆ setTorqueKp()

void setTorqueKp ( StringFloatDictionary  torqueKp)

◆ setViaPoints()

void setViaPoints ( int  dmpId,
double  canVal,
Ice::DoubleSeq  point 

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