armarx::Profiler Namespace Reference


class  FileLoggingStrategy
 A brief description. More...
class  IceBufferedLoggingStrategy
class  IceLoggingStrategy
 IceLoggingStrategy publishes incoming log method calls directly on IceLoggingStrategy::profilerListenerPrx. More...
class  LoggingStrategy
 A brief description. More...
class  Profiler
 The armarx::Profiler::Profiler class can be used for timing executions within the ArmarX framework. More...


using FileLoggingStrategyPtr = std::shared_ptr< FileLoggingStrategy >
using IceLoggingStrategyPtr = std::shared_ptr< IceLoggingStrategy >
using LoggingStrategyPtr = std::shared_ptr< LoggingStrategy >
using ProfilerPtr = std::shared_ptr< Profiler >
using ProfilerSet = std::set< ProfilerPtr >

Typedef Documentation

◆ FileLoggingStrategyPtr

using FileLoggingStrategyPtr = std::shared_ptr<FileLoggingStrategy>

Definition at line 36 of file FileLoggingStrategy.h.

◆ IceLoggingStrategyPtr

using IceLoggingStrategyPtr = std::shared_ptr<IceLoggingStrategy>

Definition at line 44 of file IceLoggingStrategy.h.

◆ LoggingStrategyPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr< LoggingStrategy > LoggingStrategyPtr

Definition at line 42 of file LoggingStrategy.h.

◆ ProfilerPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr< Profiler > ProfilerPtr

Definition at line 75 of file ManagedIceObject.h.

◆ ProfilerSet

Definition at line 41 of file Profiler.h.