Observer::Impl Struct Reference


struct  FilterData
struct  FilterQueueData
struct  WorkerUpdate

Public Types

using ChannelRegistryHistory = std::unordered_map< std::string, boost::circular_buffer< std::pair< IceUtil::Time, ChannelRegistryEntry > > >
using FilterDataPtr = IceUtil::Handle< FilterData >
using FilterUpdateQueue = std::unordered_map< std::string, FilterQueueData >

Public Attributes

StringConditionCheckMap availableChecks
ChannelRegistryHistory channelHistory
std::map< std::string, std::set< std::string > > channelQueue
std::mutex channelQueueMutex
ConditionCheck::ChannelRegistry channelRegistry
RunningTask< Observer >::pointer_type channelUpdateTask
std::map< std::string, IceUtil::Time > channelUpdateTimestamps
std::mutex checksMutex
int currentId
std::map< std::string, FilterDataPtrfilteredToOriginal
std::recursive_mutex filterMutex
FilterUpdateQueue filterQueue
std::mutex filterQueueMutex
RunningTask< Observer >::pointer_type filterUpdateTask
std::recursive_mutex historyMutex
std::condition_variable idleChannelCondition
std::condition_variable idleCondition
std::mutex idMutex
bool logChannelUpdateRate = false
float maxHistoryRecordFrequency
int maxHistorySize
PeriodicTask< Observer >::pointer_type metaTask
std::multimap< std::string, FilterDataPtrorignalToFiltered
std::atomic_bool stopWorker
std::thread worker
std::deque< WorkerUpdateworkerUpdates
std::recursive_mutex workerUpdatesMutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file Observer.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ChannelRegistryHistory

using ChannelRegistryHistory = std::unordered_map<std::string, boost::circular_buffer<std::pair<IceUtil::Time, ChannelRegistryEntry> > >

Definition at line 60 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ FilterDataPtr

Definition at line 75 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ FilterUpdateQueue

using FilterUpdateQueue = std::unordered_map<std::string, FilterQueueData>

Definition at line 94 of file Observer.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ availableChecks

StringConditionCheckMap availableChecks

Definition at line 55 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ channelHistory

ChannelRegistryHistory channelHistory

Definition at line 61 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ channelQueue

std::map<std::string, std::set<std::string> > channelQueue

Definition at line 90 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ channelQueueMutex

std::mutex channelQueueMutex

Definition at line 91 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ channelRegistry

Definition at line 59 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ channelUpdateTask

RunningTask<Observer>::pointer_type channelUpdateTask

Definition at line 89 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ channelUpdateTimestamps

std::map<std::string, IceUtil::Time> channelUpdateTimestamps

Definition at line 80 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ checksMutex

std::mutex checksMutex

Definition at line 56 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ currentId

int currentId

Definition at line 66 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ filteredToOriginal

std::map<std::string, FilterDataPtr> filteredToOriginal

Definition at line 78 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ filterMutex

std::recursive_mutex filterMutex

Definition at line 79 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ filterQueue

FilterUpdateQueue filterQueue

Definition at line 95 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ filterQueueMutex

std::mutex filterQueueMutex

Definition at line 96 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ filterUpdateTask

RunningTask<Observer>::pointer_type filterUpdateTask

Definition at line 81 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ historyMutex

std::recursive_mutex historyMutex

Definition at line 62 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ idleChannelCondition

std::condition_variable idleChannelCondition

Definition at line 92 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ idleCondition

std::condition_variable idleCondition

Definition at line 97 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ idMutex

std::mutex idMutex

Definition at line 67 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ logChannelUpdateRate

bool logChannelUpdateRate = false

Definition at line 51 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ maxHistoryRecordFrequency

float maxHistoryRecordFrequency

Definition at line 64 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ maxHistorySize

int maxHistorySize

Definition at line 63 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ metaTask

PeriodicTask<Observer>::pointer_type metaTask

Definition at line 50 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ orignalToFiltered

std::multimap<std::string, FilterDataPtr> orignalToFiltered

Definition at line 77 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ stopWorker

std::atomic_bool stopWorker

Definition at line 111 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ worker

std::thread worker

Definition at line 110 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ workerUpdates

std::deque<WorkerUpdate> workerUpdates

Definition at line 109 of file Observer.cpp.

◆ workerUpdatesMutex

std::recursive_mutex workerUpdatesMutex

Definition at line 99 of file Observer.cpp.

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