HBoxLayoutBuilder Struct Reference

#include <ArmarXGui/libraries/RemoteGui/WidgetBuilder/LayoutWidgets.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetMixin< HBoxLayout, HBoxLayoutBuilder >
HBoxLayoutwidget ()
 WidgetMixin (std::string const &name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from WidgetBuilder
WidgetBuilderdisabled (bool disabled=true)
WidgetBuilderhidden (bool hidden=true)
virtual operator WidgetPtr () const
virtual ~WidgetBuilder ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from ChildrenMixin< HBoxLayoutBuilder >
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddChild (WidgetPtr const &child)
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddChildren (std::vector< WidgetPtr > const &children)
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddEmptyWidget ()
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddHLine ()
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddHSpacer ()
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddTextLabel (std::string const &text)
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddVLine ()
HBoxLayoutBuilderaddVSpacer ()
HBoxLayoutBuilderappendChild (WidgetPtr const &child)
const WidgetPtr & child (std::size_t i)
HBoxLayoutBuilderchild (WidgetPtr const &child)
HBoxLayoutBuilderchildren (std::vector< WidgetPtr > const &children)
HBoxLayoutBuilderprependChild (WidgetPtr const &child)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from NoValueMixin< HBoxLayout, HBoxLayoutBuilder >
static ValueVariant defaultValue ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from WidgetBuilder
WidgetPtr widget_

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