ThreadList::Impl Struct Reference

Public Attributes

std::set< PeriodicTaskIceBase * > activePeriodicTaskList
std::set< RunningTaskIceBase * > activeRunningTaskList
std::mutex periodicListMutex
std::shared_ptr< ProcessWatcherprocessWatcher
std::mutex procTotalTimeMutex
std::mutex runListMutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file ThreadList.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ activePeriodicTaskList

std::set<PeriodicTaskIceBase*> activePeriodicTaskList

Definition at line 37 of file ThreadList.cpp.

◆ activeRunningTaskList

std::set<RunningTaskIceBase*> activeRunningTaskList

Definition at line 36 of file ThreadList.cpp.

◆ periodicListMutex

std::mutex periodicListMutex

Definition at line 39 of file ThreadList.cpp.

◆ processWatcher

std::shared_ptr<ProcessWatcher> processWatcher

Definition at line 42 of file ThreadList.cpp.

◆ procTotalTimeMutex

std::mutex procTotalTimeMutex

Definition at line 40 of file ThreadList.cpp.

◆ runListMutex

std::mutex runListMutex

Definition at line 38 of file ThreadList.cpp.

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