VisionX/components/pointcloud_provider/CoFusionProcessor/CMakeLists.txt File Reference


 armarx_component_set_name ("CoFusionProcessor") option(WITH_MASKFUSION "Option description" OFF) if(WITH_MASKFUSION) find_package(libmaskfusion QUIET) armarx_build_if(libmaskfusion_FOUND "maskfusion not available") if(libmaskfusion_FOUND) set(MASKFUSION_LIBRARIES "libmaskfusion") endif() else() find_package(cofusion QUIET) armarx_build_if(cofusion_FOUND "cofusion not available") if(cofusion_FOUND) set(COFUSION_LIBRARIES "cofusion") endif() endif() find_package(OpenCV 3.1 QUIET) find_package(CUDA QUIET) find_package(Pangolin 0.1 QUIET) armarx_build_if(OpenCV_FOUND "OpenCV 3.1 not available") armarx_build_if(CUDA_FOUND "CUDA not available") armarx_build_if(Pangolin_FOUND "Pangolin 0.1 not available") if(DEFINED OpenCV_3_DIR) message("Using OpenCV_3_DIR ($
 else () message("You can set OpenCV_3_DIR to a directory OpenCV 3.1.") message("Using OpenCV_DIR
 endif () if(DEFINED OpenCV_3_DIR) set(OpenCV_DIR $
 set (OLD_OpenCV_DIR ${OpenCV_DIR}) set(OpenCV_DIR $

Function Documentation

◆ armarx_component_set_name()

armarx_component_set_name ( "CoFusionProcessor"  )

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◆ else()

else ( )

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◆ endif()

endif ( )

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◆ set()

set ( OLD_OpenCV_DIR ${OpenCV_DIR}  )

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