VoxelGrid.h File Reference
#include <filesystem>
#include <set>
#include <SimoxUtility/json/json.hpp>
#include <VisionX/libraries/VoxelGridCore/VoxelGridCore.h>
#include "../types.h"
#include "../LabelDensity/VoxelGrid.h"
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class  Voxel
 A voxel storing whether it is occupied or free and the object label it is occupied by. More...
class  VoxelGrid
 Voxel grid storing the number of points per label in each voxel. More...


 ArmarX headers.


void from_json (const nlohmann::json &json, Voxel &voxel)
 Set this voxel free, if json is < 0. More...
void from_json (const nlohmann::json &json, VoxelGrid &grid)
 Read the voxel grid from JSON. More...
void to_json (nlohmann::json &json, const Voxel &voxel)
 Set json to the voxel's label if occupied, and to -1 if free. More...
void to_json (nlohmann::json &json, const VoxelGrid &grid)
 Write the voxel grid to JSON. More...