PriorKnowledge.h File Reference
#include <ArmarXCore/core/Component.h>
#include <ArmarXCore/core/system/ImportExportComponent.h>
#include <MemoryX/interface/components/PriorKnowledgeInterface.h>
#include <MemoryX/interface/components/CommonStorageInterface.h>
#include <MemoryX/core/memory/SegmentedMemory.h>
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Data Structures

class  PriorKnowledge
 The PriorKnowledge class provides a database with common sense and/or prior knowldge. More...
class  PriorKnowledgePropertyDefinitions


 VirtualRobot headers.


using EntityMap = std::map< std::string, EntityBasePtr >
using PriorKnowledgePtr = IceUtil::Handle< PriorKnowledge >