ReaderWriterPlugin.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <ArmarXCore/core/exceptions/local/ExpressionException.h>
#include <ArmarXCore/core/ComponentPlugin.h>
#include <RobotAPI/libraries/armem/client/plugins/Plugin.h>
#include <RobotAPI/interface/armem/mns/MemoryNameSystemInterface.h>
#include <RobotAPI/libraries/armem/client/MemoryNameSystem.h>
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Data Structures

class  ReaderWriterPlugin< T >
 A component plugin offering client-side access to a reader or writer and manages the lifecycle, e.g. More...


 This file offers overloads of toIce() and fromIce() functions for STL container types.
 This file is part of ArmarX.