CalibrationHelper Class Reference

#include <RobotAPI/drivers/WeissHapticSensor/CalibrationHelper.h>

Public Member Functions

bool addMaxValueSample (Eigen::MatrixXf data)
void addNoiseSample (Eigen::MatrixXf data)
 CalibrationHelper (int rows, int cols, float noiseThreshold)
bool checkMaximumValueThreshold (float threshold)
CalibrationInfo getCalibrationInfo (float calibratedMinimum, float calibratedMaximum)
Eigen::MatrixXf getMaximumValues ()
int getNoiseSampleCount ()

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CalibrationHelper()

CalibrationHelper ( int  rows,
int  cols,
float  noiseThreshold 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ addMaxValueSample()

bool addMaxValueSample ( Eigen::MatrixXf  data)

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◆ addNoiseSample()

void addNoiseSample ( Eigen::MatrixXf  data)

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◆ checkMaximumValueThreshold()

bool checkMaximumValueThreshold ( float  threshold)

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◆ getCalibrationInfo()

CalibrationInfo getCalibrationInfo ( float  calibratedMinimum,
float  calibratedMaximum 

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◆ getMaximumValues()

Eigen::MatrixXf getMaximumValues ( )

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◆ getNoiseSampleCount()

int getNoiseSampleCount ( )

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