class  DebugObserver
 The DebugObserver is a component for logging debug data, which is updated frequently. More...

Detailed Description

Logging of frequently updated values to the console with printf, cout etc. pollutes the console to an unreadable degree. Therefore, the DebugObserver exists. The user can log data from anywhere in the armarx framework by creating temporary observer channels on the DebugObserver. These channels can be inspected in the armarx::ObserverGuiPlugin or, in the case of floats or ints, in the armarx::ArmarXPlotter Widget.

To interact with the DebugObserver, it need to be started since it is a seperate component (DebugObserverApp). Then the application needs to retrieve a proxy to this object (armarx::IceManager::getProxy(), HowtoGetProxy). With the proxy and the function setDebugDatafield() a channel and datafield can be created or updated (if it already exists). Unneeded channels or datafields can be removed with removeDebugChannel() resp. removeDebugDatafield().