Unit for controlling a tool center point (TCP). More...


class  TCPControlUnit
 The TCPControlUnit class. More...

Detailed Description

Unit for controlling a tool center point (TCP).

This class implements the interface to control a node of a robot (e.g a TCP) in cartesian coordinates in velocity control mode. It takes velocities in mm/s for translations and rad/s for orientation. Several nodessets can be controlled simultaneously.

Before the TCPControlUnit can be used, request() needs to be called. Since a cartesian velocity needs is only correct for the current joint configuration, it needs to recalculated as fast as possible. Thus, after request is called the TCPControlUnit recalculates the velocity in a given cycle time and updates the joint velocities. To set another cycle time use setCycleTime(). To set the velocity for a node use setTCPVelocity. Calling setTCPVelocity again with another nodeset will add this nodeset to the list of currently controlled TCPs.

After usage release() must be called to stop the recalcuation and setting of joint velocities.