RobotAPI Components



 Visualizes debug information.
 Maintains a robot representation based on VirtualRobot (see Simox).
 Sensor-Actor Unit
 Components that provide interfaces to associated hardware devices.
 Sensor-Actor Unit Observers
 Component monitoring sensor values reported from Sensor-Actor Units.
 Sensor-Actor Unit Simulations
 Simulated Sensor-Actor Units do not connected to any hardware.
 The ViewSelection component controls the head of the robot with inverse kinematics based on the uncertainty of the current requested object locations. The uncertainty of objects grow based on their motion model and the timed passed since the last localization. It can be activated or deactivated with the Ice interface and given manual target positions to look at.

Detailed Description


Components are the main building blocks of ArmarX and offer services to other applications via Ice. Each component usually implements an interface through which it can be accessed.

There are several types of special components: