MPPoolInterface Interface Reference

defined in <armarx/control/common/mp/>

interface MPPoolInterface { ... }

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Ice::DoubleSeq deserialize (string mpAsString)
double getCanVal (string mpName)
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bool getMPEnabled ()
string getNames ()
bool isFinished (string mpName)
void learnFromCSV (Ice::StringSeq fileNames)
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void pause (string mpName)
void removeAllViaPoint ()
void reset (string mpName)
void resume (string mpName)
string serialize ()
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void setGoal (Ice::DoubleSeq goals)
void setStartAndGoal (Ice::DoubleSeq starts, Ice::DoubleSeq goals)
void setViaPoint (double u, Ice::DoubleSeq viapoint)
void start (string mpName, Ice::DoubleSeq startVec, Ice::DoubleSeq goalVec, double durationSec)
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void stop (string mpName)

Detailed Description

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Operation Documentation

◆ deserialize()

Ice::DoubleSeq deserialize ( string  mpAsString)

◆ getCanVal()

double getCanVal ( string  mpName)


◆ getMPEnabled()

bool getMPEnabled ( )

◆ getNames()

string getNames ( )

◆ isFinished()

bool isFinished ( string  mpName)

◆ learnFromCSV()

void learnFromCSV ( Ice::StringSeq  fileNames)


◆ pause()

void pause ( string  mpName)

◆ removeAllViaPoint()

void removeAllViaPoint ( )

◆ reset()

void reset ( string  mpName)

◆ resume()

void resume ( string  mpName)

◆ serialize()

string serialize ( )


◆ setGoal()

void setGoal ( Ice::DoubleSeq  goals)

◆ setStartAndGoal()

void setStartAndGoal ( Ice::DoubleSeq  starts,
Ice::DoubleSeq  goals 

◆ setViaPoint()

void setViaPoint ( double  u,
Ice::DoubleSeq  viapoint 

◆ start()

void start ( string  mpName,
Ice::DoubleSeq  startVec,
Ice::DoubleSeq  goalVec,
double  durationSec 


◆ stop()

void stop ( string  mpName)

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