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class  ObjectInstanceToIndex


armem::MemoryID reconstructObjectInstanceID (const objpose::ObjectPose &objectPose)


const MemoryID attachmentsSegmentID = memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Attachments")
const MemoryID classSegmentID = memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Class")
const MemoryID instaceSegmentID = memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Instance")
const MemoryID memoryID { "Object" }

Function Documentation

◆ reconstructObjectInstanceID()

MemoryID reconstructObjectInstanceID ( const objpose::ObjectPose objectPose)

Definition at line 34 of file utils.cpp.

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Variable Documentation

◆ attachmentsSegmentID

const MemoryID attachmentsSegmentID = memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Attachments")

Definition at line 31 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ classSegmentID

const MemoryID classSegmentID = memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Class")

Definition at line 32 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ instaceSegmentID

const MemoryID instaceSegmentID = memoryID.withCoreSegmentName("Instance")

Definition at line 33 of file memory_ids.cpp.

◆ memoryID

const MemoryID memoryID { "Object" }

Definition at line 29 of file memory_ids.cpp.