armarx::armem::server::laser_scans Namespace Reference

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class  LaserScansMemory
struct  ScanPoint
class  Visu
 Models decay of object localizations by decreasing the confidence the longer the object was not localized. More...


std::vector< ScanPointconvertScanToGlobal (const armem::laser_scans::LaserScanStamped &scan, const Eigen::Isometry3f &global_T_sensor)

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This file is part of ArmarX.

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Function Documentation

◆ convertScanToGlobal()

std::vector<ScanPoint> armarx::armem::server::laser_scans::convertScanToGlobal ( const armem::laser_scans::LaserScanStamped scan,
const Eigen::Isometry3f &  global_T_sensor 

Definition at line 164 of file Visu.cpp.