memoryx::KBM Namespace Reference


 Namespace for algorithms related to solving the inverse kinematics.
 Where the model representation for a Body Schema (especially the Kinematic B´ezier Maps) reside.
 Namespace where the Partial Least Squares (PLS-1) solver is defined in.


using Matrix = Eigen::MatrixXd
using Matrix4 = Eigen::Matrix4d
using Real = double
 Type definition of the underlying Realing point type. More...
using Vector = Eigen::VectorXd
using Vector3 = Eigen::Vector3d

Typedef Documentation

◆ Matrix

using Matrix = Eigen::MatrixXd

Definition at line 38 of file kbm.h.

◆ Matrix4

using Matrix4 = Eigen::Matrix4d

Definition at line 40 of file kbm.h.

◆ Real

using Real = double

Type definition of the underlying Realing point type.

Definition at line 37 of file kbm.h.

◆ Vector

using Vector = Eigen::VectorXd

Definition at line 39 of file kbm.h.

◆ Vector3

using Vector3 = Eigen::Vector3d

Definition at line 41 of file kbm.h.