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 This file offers overloads of toIce() and fromIce() functions for STL container types.


void convert (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::CoreSegment &c)
void convert (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::Entity &e)
void convert (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::Memory &m)
void convert (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::ProviderSegment &p)
void load (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::CoreSegment &c)
void load (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::Entity &e)
void load (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::Memory &m)
void load (const mongocxx::database &db, armem::wm::ProviderSegment &p)
void store (const mongocxx::database &db, const armem::wm::CoreSegment &c)
void store (const mongocxx::database &db, const armem::wm::Entity &e)
void store (const mongocxx::database &db, const armem::wm::Memory &m)
void store (const mongocxx::database &db, const armem::wm::ProviderSegment &p)


const std::string FOREIGN_KEY = "foreign_key"
const std::string ID = "id"
const std::string INSTANCES = "instances"
const std::string TIMESTAMP = "timestamp"