PositionThroughVelocityControllerWithAccelerationRamps Struct Reference

#include <RobotAPI/components/units/RobotUnit/BasicControllers.h>


struct  Output

Public Types

enum  State {
  Unknown = -1, IncAccIncJerk, IncAccDecJerk, Keep,
  DecAccIncJerk, DecAccDecJerk, PCtrl

Public Member Functions

std::pair< State, OutputcalcState () const
double calculateProportionalGain () const
double estimateTime () const
double getTargetPosition () const
 PositionThroughVelocityControllerWithAccelerationRamps ()
Output run ()
void setTargetPosition (double value)
bool validParameters () const

Public Attributes

double acceleration
double accuracy = 0.001
double currentAcc
double currentPosition
double currentV
double deceleration
double dt
double jerk
double maxDt
double maxV
double p
double pControlPosErrorLimit = 0.01
double pControlVelLimit
State state = State::Unknown
bool usePIDAtEnd = true

Protected Attributes

double targetPosition

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ State

enum State

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PositionThroughVelocityControllerWithAccelerationRamps()

Member Function Documentation

◆ calcState()

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◆ calculateProportionalGain()

double calculateProportionalGain ( ) const

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◆ estimateTime()

double estimateTime ( ) const

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◆ getTargetPosition()

double getTargetPosition ( ) const

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◆ run()

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◆ setTargetPosition()

void setTargetPosition ( double  value)

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◆ validParameters()

bool validParameters ( ) const

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Member Data Documentation

◆ acceleration

double acceleration

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◆ accuracy

double accuracy = 0.001

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◆ currentAcc

double currentAcc

Definition at line 368 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ currentPosition

double currentPosition

Definition at line 373 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ currentV

double currentV

Definition at line 367 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ deceleration

double deceleration

Definition at line 371 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ dt

double dt

Definition at line 365 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ jerk

double jerk

Definition at line 372 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ maxDt

double maxDt

Definition at line 366 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ maxV

double maxV

Definition at line 369 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ p

double p

Definition at line 386 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ pControlPosErrorLimit

double pControlPosErrorLimit = 0.01

Definition at line 382 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ pControlVelLimit

double pControlVelLimit
Initial value:

Definition at line 383 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ state

State state = State::Unknown

Definition at line 388 of file BasicControllers.h.

◆ targetPosition

double targetPosition

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◆ usePIDAtEnd

bool usePIDAtEnd = true

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