PythonApplicationManager::Properties Struct Reference

#include <ArmarXCore/components/PythonApplicationManager/PythonApplicationManager.h>

Public Member Functions

void defineProperties (armarx::PropertyDefinitionsPtr defs, const std::string &prefix="")
void read (PropertyUser &props, const std::string &prefix="")

Public Attributes

std::string armarxPackageName
std::string armarxPythonPackagesDir = "python/"
std::string pythonPackageName
std::string pythonPathEntriesString
std::vector< std::string > pythonPathEntriesVector
bool pythonPoetry = false
std::string pythonScriptArgumentsString
 Whitespace separated list of arguments. More...
std::vector< std::string > pythonScriptArgumentsVector
std::string pythonScriptPath
std::string venvName = ".venv"
VenvType venvType = VenvType::Auto
std::string workingDir = ""

Detailed Description

Definition at line 93 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ defineProperties()

void defineProperties ( armarx::PropertyDefinitionsPtr  defs,
const std::string &  prefix = "" 

Definition at line 44 of file PythonApplicationManager.cpp.

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◆ read()

void read ( PropertyUser props,
const std::string &  prefix = "" 

Definition at line 72 of file PythonApplicationManager.cpp.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ armarxPackageName

std::string armarxPackageName

Definition at line 95 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ armarxPythonPackagesDir

std::string armarxPythonPackagesDir = "python/"

Definition at line 96 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonPackageName

std::string pythonPackageName

Definition at line 100 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonPathEntriesString

std::string pythonPathEntriesString

Definition at line 105 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonPathEntriesVector

std::vector<std::string> pythonPathEntriesVector

Definition at line 106 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonPoetry

bool pythonPoetry = false

Definition at line 112 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonScriptArgumentsString

std::string pythonScriptArgumentsString

Whitespace separated list of arguments.

Definition at line 103 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonScriptArgumentsVector

std::vector<std::string> pythonScriptArgumentsVector

Definition at line 104 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ pythonScriptPath

std::string pythonScriptPath

Definition at line 101 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ venvName

std::string venvName = ".venv"

Definition at line 109 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ venvType

Definition at line 110 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

◆ workingDir

std::string workingDir = ""

Definition at line 114 of file PythonApplicationManager.h.

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