QueryResult Struct Reference

Result of a QueryInput. More...

#include <RobotAPI/libraries/armem/client/Query.h>

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Public Member Functions

armem::query::data::Result toIce () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SuccessHeader
 operator bool () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QueryResult fromIce (const armem::query::data::Result &ice)

Public Attributes

wm::Memory memory
 The slice of the memory that matched the query. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from SuccessHeader
std::string errorMessage
bool success


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const QueryResult &rhs)

Detailed Description

Result of a QueryInput.

If success is false, an error occurred during the query. In this case, errorMessage can contain more information.

An empty result is valid, i.e. successful. In other words, an empty result is not a failure. To check whether any entity snapshot matched the query, use memory.hasSnapshots() or memory.hasInstances().
See also
wm::Memory::hasInstances(), wm::Memory::hasSnapshots()

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Member Function Documentation

◆ fromIce()

QueryResult fromIce ( const armem::query::data::Result &  ice)

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◆ toIce()

armem::query::data::Result toIce ( ) const

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◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const QueryResult rhs 

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Member Data Documentation

◆ memory

The slice of the memory that matched the query.

To check whether the memory contains any snapshots or instances, use memory.hasSnapshots() or memory.hasInstances().

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