GraphMemorySegment.h File Reference
#include <MemoryX/interface/memorytypes/MemoryEntities.h>
#include <MemoryX/interface/memorytypes/MemorySegments.h>
#include <MemoryX/interface/components/PriorKnowledgeInterface.h>
#include <MemoryX/core/memory/PersistentEntitySegment.h>
#include <ArmarXCore/core/system/ImportExportComponent.h>
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class  GraphMemorySegment
 The Graph Memory Segment contains directed graphs. The graph consists of nodes with poses and edges between them. The poses in the nodes and the edges are used for platform navigation. Additionally, thee nodes are used for symbolic planning. One segment can contain multiple graphs. They distinguished by their scene-name. See Slice API documentation for GraphMemorySegmentBase. More...


 VirtualRobot headers.


using GraphMemorySegmentPtr = IceInternal::Handle< GraphMemorySegment >