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class  CoreSegmentBase< _ProviderSegmentT, _Derived >
 Data of a core segment containing multiple provider segments. More...
class  EntityBase< _EntitySnapshotT, _Derived >
 An entity over a period of time. More...
class  EntityInstanceBase< _DataT, _MetadataT >
 Data of a single entity instance. More...
class  EntitySnapshotBase< _EntityInstanceT, _Derived >
 Data of an entity at one point in time. More...
class  MemoryBase< _CoreSegmentT, _Derived >
 Data of a memory consisting of multiple core segments. More...
class  ProviderSegmentBase< _EntityT, _Derived >
 Data of a provider segment containing multiple entities. More...
class  Handle< T >


 This file offers overloads of toIce() and fromIce() functions for STL container types.


using Duration = armarx::core::time::Duration
using Duration = armarx::core::time::dto::Duration
using EntityInstance = armem::wm::EntityInstance
using EntitySnapshot = armem::wm::EntitySnapshot
using MenuPtr = ::IceInternal::Handle< Menu >
using Time = armarx::core::time::DateTime
using Time = armarx::core::time::dto::DateTime