armarx::rtfilters Namespace Reference


class  AverageFilter
class  ButterworthFilter
class  GaussianFilter
class  MedianFilter
class  RTFilterBase
 The RTFilterBase class is the base class for all real time capable filters. More...
class  TimeWindowAverageFilter
 This filters allows to filter with an unstable frequency by considering only the valus in a specified timewindow. More...


using MedianFilterPtr = std::shared_ptr< MedianFilter >
using RTFilterBasePtr = std::shared_ptr< RTFilterBase >

Typedef Documentation

◆ MedianFilterPtr

using MedianFilterPtr = std::shared_ptr<MedianFilter>

Definition at line 32 of file MedianFilter.h.

◆ RTFilterBasePtr

typedef std::shared_ptr< RTFilterBase > RTFilterBasePtr

Definition at line 34 of file RTFilterBase.h.