Scene Struct Reference

#include <armarx/navigation/core/types.h>

Public Attributes

std::optional< core::DynamicScenedynamicScene = std::nullopt
std::optional< core::SceneGraphgraph
core::Twist platformVelocity = core::Twist::Zero()
VirtualRobot::RobotPtr robot
std::optional< core::StaticScenestaticScene = std::nullopt
DateTime timestamp = DateTime::Invalid()

Detailed Description

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Member Data Documentation

◆ dynamicScene

std::optional<core::DynamicScene> dynamicScene = std::nullopt

Definition at line 76 of file types.h.

◆ graph

std::optional<core::SceneGraph> graph

Definition at line 81 of file types.h.

◆ platformVelocity

core::Twist platformVelocity = core::Twist::Zero()

Definition at line 79 of file types.h.

◆ robot

Definition at line 78 of file types.h.

◆ staticScene

std::optional<core::StaticScene> staticScene = std::nullopt

Definition at line 75 of file types.h.

◆ timestamp

DateTime timestamp = DateTime::Invalid()

Definition at line 73 of file types.h.

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