SkillStatusUpdate.cpp File Reference
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 This file offers overloads of toIce() and fromIce() functions for STL container types.
 This file is part of ArmarX.


void fromIce (const core::dto::Execution::Status &status, ActiveOrTerminatedSkillStatus &ret)
void fromIce (const core::dto::Execution::Status &status, SkillStatus &ret)
void fromIce (const core::dto::Execution::Status &status, TerminatedSkillStatus &ret)
ActiveOrTerminatedSkillStatus mergeSkillStatuseses (const ActiveOrTerminatedSkillStatus t1, const ActiveOrTerminatedSkillStatus t2)
TerminatedSkillStatus mergeSkillStatuseses (const TerminatedSkillStatus t1, const TerminatedSkillStatus t2)
void toIce (core::dto::Execution::Status &ret, const ActiveOrTerminatedSkillStatus &status)
void toIce (core::dto::Execution::Status &ret, const SkillStatus &status)
void toIce (core::dto::Execution::Status &ret, const TerminatedSkillStatus &status)
SkillStatus toSkillStatus (const ActiveOrTerminatedSkillStatus &d)
SkillStatus toSkillStatus (const TerminatedSkillStatus &d)