GUI Plugins

ArmarX offers a wide variety of ready to use graphical tools. A small set of tools is briefly shown in the following video:

The followings are basic and important ArmarX GUI plugins:

  • LogViewer This log viewer shows log messages from all running ArmarX applications and also allows you to filter the log messages.
  • ScenarioManager With the ScenarioManager you can create a scenario, configure all its applications conveniently, and trigger and monitor the execution of all involved components.
  • StatechartEditor You can use the statechart editor to design complex behaivor for robot system.
  • SystemStateMonitor The SystemStateMonitor allows you to inspect the properties of the running ArmarX components.
  • Live Plotter The plotter widget allows the user to plot any sensor channel.
  • KinematicUnitPlugin This widget shows position and velocity of all joints.
  • WorkingMemoryEditor This widget allows you to inspect the current state of the working memory.
  • PriorMemoryEditor This widget allows to view and edit data entries in the prior memory.

List of package-specific GUI plugin pages: