armarx::navigation::skills Namespace Reference


 This file is part of ArmarX.


class  GuideHumanToRoom
class  MoveRelativePlanar
class  MoveXMeters
class  NavigateRelativeSkill
class  NavigateTo
class  NavigateToLocation
class  NavigateToNamedLocation
 Resolve a named location and navigate to it. More...
class  RotateXDegrees


template<typename R >
bool is_ready (std::future< R > const &f)
Eigen::AngleAxisf makeRotation (float rotationRadians, const Eigen::Vector3f up)
Eigen::Vector3f makeTranslation (const arondto::FramedCartesian2D &cartesian, armem::robot_state::VirtualRobotReader &robotReader, const std::string &defaultRobotName)
Eigen::Vector3f makeTranslation (const arondto::Polar &polar, const Eigen::Vector3f forward, const Eigen::Vector3f up)

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◆ is_ready()

bool is_ready ( std::future< R > const &  f)

Definition at line 17 of file NavigateRelativeSkill.h.

◆ makeRotation()

Eigen::AngleAxisf armarx::navigation::skills::makeRotation ( float  rotationRadians,
const Eigen::Vector3f  up 

Definition at line 123 of file MoveRelativePlanar.cpp.

◆ makeTranslation() [1/2]

Eigen::Vector3f armarx::navigation::skills::makeTranslation ( const arondto::FramedCartesian2D &  cartesian,
armem::robot_state::VirtualRobotReader robotReader,
const std::string &  defaultRobotName 

Definition at line 75 of file MoveRelativePlanar.cpp.

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◆ makeTranslation() [2/2]

Eigen::Vector3f armarx::navigation::skills::makeTranslation ( const arondto::Polar &  polar,
const Eigen::Vector3f  forward,
const Eigen::Vector3f  up 

Definition at line 112 of file MoveRelativePlanar.cpp.