RobotComponents Components


 The AStarPathPlanner provides path planning using the A* algorithm.
 A brief description.
 The DMP Instance class.
 Provides methods for grasp planning purposes.
 Replays an MMM trajectory from a file.
 Replays an MMM trajectory from a file.
 Implementation of the slice interface MotionPlanningServerInterface.
 Abstract base class for path planners. This class offers basic methods for planning paths in the plane. A path consists of a sequence of 3D vectors containing position (mm) and orientation around the z axis (rad). In addition object and agent management is implemented here.
 Provides IK solving methods from VirtualRobot (see Simox).
 The SimpleGraspGenerator component controls the head of the robot with inverse kinematics based on the uncertainty of the current requested object locations. The uncertainty of objects grow based on their motion model and the timed passed since the last localization. It can be activated or deactivated with the Ice interface and given manual target positions to look at.
 The SimpleRobotPlacement component provides methods to calculate candidate robot placements (i.e. base poses) in order to grasp a given object.

Detailed Description

The RobotComponents package provides several generic components which can be configured for usage with a specific robot.